PC&ROO’s Sporting Fun

PC&ROO’s sporting fun are multi sports days in holidays & half-terms for Primary children (min. age: 5). They are 10am – 3pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Set up to complement the sports coaching that PC (Simon Peace) and Roo (Alastair Rigden) do across the Brentwood District in Primay & Prep schools, PC&ROO’s Sporting Fun is all about children getting out and about in their holidays and off their technology!

Trying different sports they wouldnt normally play but also playing those they already enjoy. It’s also great for their social interaction as they get to meet new children from other schools and make new friends too. From Badminton to Volleyball, Archery to Tag Rugby and Boules to Football, they will play all sorts of sports and games and have great fun doing it!

Please get in touch for more information or with any specific questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Contact Details

Please contact PC&ROO’s Sporting Fun via their website. They will get back to you at their earliest conveniencee.


07901 982953

Membership Options

For information about the cost of our Sporting Fun days, pleaase visit out website.